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Our Approach

輔導過程如合適,會加入催眠及香薰治療,因在催眠狀態中人踏進潛意識,可窺見埋藏內心的世界和自我療癒,同時,她亦深信植物精油是大自然給予人類的瑰寶,能平伏情緒安慰心靈。輔導猶如一場心理與心靈探究之旅,Natalie 是治療師,更是一位同行旅伴。

As a therapist who takes humanistic psychotherapy approach, Natalie aims to provide a non-judgemental space for clients to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings in both conscious and subconscious levels. By developing deeper self-awareness, clients are facilitated to get their own insights to resolve problems. She brings different psychotherapy techniques, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy into therapeutic work when it is helpful. She sees plants as gift from nature to sooth our emotions and hypnosis as the method to dive into deeper self understanding and self-healing. Counseling is a process of mind and soul searching. She considers herself as a therapist who is a travelling companion on this uncharted journey.

Approach: Welcome
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