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Natalie 具經驗處理不同範疇的問題,包括自信心低落,工作壓力,感情問題,社會小衆的壓力,失眠,難過/抑鬱,燥鬱,擔憂/焦慮,驚恐,離別哀傷。她不輕視表面行為情緒問題及臨床症狀,但更重視深層原因,處理個人內心深處的掙扎與渴求,家庭及社會結構影響,因此,輔導催眠既可純粹緩解表面症狀,亦能推深至轉化根深蒂固的心埋習慣模式,讓心得到他/她所渴望的接納,力量與成長。

She is experienced in working with clients who are having low self-esteem, work stress, relationship problem, minority stress, insomnia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, phobia, loss and grief. While not ignoring presenting issues and clinical symptoms, she put emphasis on underlying causes, internal struggles, family and social factors. Therefore, Counselling is not only about treating presenting issues, but also nurturing acceptance, empowerment and growth that clients are looking for. 

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